Our Financial Assistance Program

You may qualify for our Financial Assistance Card (previously known as the sliding fee discount). To be eligible for this program, patients must meet certain income guidelines.

The Financial Assistance Card allows patients to receive a discount on our services. The Financial Assistance Card covers services offered by Lamprey Health Care and is NOT an insurance card.

Patients requiring labs, ultrasounds and other diagnostic or medical services at other facilities will need to fill out the financial assistance applications at those organizations. Our Care Coordinators can assist you in determining which facilities in our area also offer financial assistance programs.

Until the Financial Assistance application and necessary documents are received, you will be expected to pay full fee for your visits and related care.

If you qualify, you will be issued a Financial Assistance Card, which will clearly state your level of discount. Discount ranges fall into 5 categories. You must bring this card to your visit so your discount can be applied.

All ranges within the program include a nominal fee to be paid by the patient. This fee will be collected at the time of the visit. The Financial Assistance Card covers services provided through our prenatal program as well.

All fees are expected at time of each visit. If you are unable to pay for services at the time of the visit, you will be sent a bill for any unpaid balance.

Sliding Fee Discount Program Instructions & Application – English
Sliding Fee Discount Program Instructions & Application – Spanish
Sliding Fee Discount Program Instructions & Application – Portuguese

We also offer payment plans to patients who are unable to pay their balance. You can speak with a Patient Service Representative at the health center or you may contact our billing office by selecting option 6 on our telephone menu.

Medication Assistance

If you are struggling to pay for medications to treat a chronic condition you may be eligible for medication assistance programs. These programs are offered through the pharmaceutical industry.

Our staff can determine if you are eligible and help you with the application process. It can take up to four to six weeks for enrollment in the program. Renewal applications are required every three months. There is a $3.00 fee for each application.

Please ask to speak with the Prescription Assistance Coordinator for more information.

PLEASE NOTE: When refills are needed, you will need to contact the Prescription Assistance Coordinator several weeks in advance to avoid any interruption in your medication therapy.

Health Insurance Marketplace

Open enrollment is currently closed. You can enroll outside of the open enrollment period if you have had a qualifying event such as a marriage or birth of a child.

Ask to speak with a Certified Application Counselor to see if you can enroll outside of the open enrollment period.

For information on the Affordable Care Act visit HealthCare.gov.

NH Medicaid

Low income NH residents may be eligible for low or no cost health coverage through the NH Health Protection Program, also known as Medicaid.

The NH Health Protection Program is a federal and state funded health care program. The program works to ensure people have access to needed health care services.

Our Certified Application Counselors can help you determine if you qualify for the NH Health Protection Program. They can also assist you with the application process.

To apply online visit www.nheasy.nh.gov.

The NH Medicaid Service Center can also assist you with questions. Call 888-901-4999, Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.