Behind The Scenes: Nurse Practitioner Fellowship Program

One of the most important components of our Nurse Practitioner Fellowship Program are the clinical specialty rotations. Nurse Practitioners typically spend one day a week, for four weeks, at the specialist’s office. This is a chance for them to learn about that particular discipline, beyond their classroom training. Rotations include areas such as cardiology, infectious disease, geriatrics, dermatology, OB/GYN, orthopedics, and podiatry.

We recently tagged along with one of our Fellows, Nurse Practitioner Raji, as she attended her orthopedic rotation. The rotation was precepted by Jennifer Drouin, Physician Assistant at Southern New Hampshire Medical Center’s Center for Bone and Joint Health.


Nurse Practitioner Fellowship Rotation


Jennifer Drouin, PA:  As a Physician Assistant, I had to learn on the job. At Southern NH Medical Center, we take medical and nursing students for rotations, but this is our first time with Nurse Practitioners in the Fellowship Program. Having training opportunities like this for care providers is really important.

Rajae Raji, APRN: I appreciate both Jennifer Drouin and SNHMC for being a part of this program. I’ve really enjoyed all of my rotations.

JD: Here at the Center for Bone and Joint Health we perform focused orthopedic exams and x-rays. We have always valued a collaborative relationship between care providers.

RR: Typically, in the primary care setting, I would only get a transcript of the specialist exam or test results. To be able to see the exam and understand the areas they are looking during the exam; that has been amazing and will impact the way I see my patients.

JD: We spent some time today talking about how we interpret x-rays.

RR: I really enjoyed that! I’ve enjoyed my orthopedic rotation overall. It was the first time I have ever seen a cast put on. Thank you for having me.

JD: We’ve enjoyed having you here.