What We're Doing To Keep You Safe While Visiting Us

We have taken steps to ensure you are safe while visiting our facilities. Here are just a few of them:

  • Masks – Our staff never work without their masks on, and we only use surgical grade masks for staff and patients.
  • Occupancy – We limit how many people can be inside our building.
  • Staff Screening – Staff must report their temperatures and symptoms every day before work.
  • Patient Screenings – We screen all patients. No COVID testing or anyone with COVID symptoms are allowed in the main building.
  • Respiratory Wing – We see patients with symptoms in a separate wing of the building. The wing has a separate entrance and the staff wear full PPE with testing outside only.
  • Air Exchange and Filtering – We have made many changes to our facilities. We have increased our air exchange and filtering system in the buildings to keep our air clean!
  • Training – Regular staff trainings are held.

Before Visiting Our Facilities

Let Us Know

IMPORTANT! Telling us you might have COVID-19 Symptoms does not mean we won’t treat you. When answering the screening questions, please carefully consider your response. If you’re not sure how to answer, let us know. We will treat you, even if you think you may have COVID-19 symptoms. We have dedicated space in our facilities to safely treat you AND keep everyone safe.

Call First

All patients need to call before visiting our facilities.

This is so our staff can assess which type of appointment will best meet your needs. There may also be specific instructions we will ask you to follow. Any instructions from our staff are in place for your safety and the safety of our team.

In-Person Hours

Our centers are open from 8 am to 5 pm, with dedicated hours for people over the age of 65 and pregnant women are from 8 am to 10 am.

We continue to offer telemedicine appointments.

Visiting the Newmarket and Raymond Centers


All patients will be screened before visiting our facilities.

Answer the questions honestly and to the best of your ability. The questions we ask during screening change frequently; therefore, it is crucial to read/listen carefully to the questions. We will not deny you care if you have a positive screen. We simply have a different process to prevent the possible spread of the virus.

Screening allows us to make sure that all the proper protocols are in place as we meet your needs. We treat patients with a positive screen or other respiratory symptoms in a dedicated respiratory wing. This section of our facility has a separate entrance, which will help reduce the spread of COVID-19.

Arrive Early

We are asking patients to arrive 10 minutes early to their appointment. This will allow enough time for the new check-procedures.


Patients arriving for in-person appointments will check-in from the car by using the link provided in the email you receive or by calling:

  • In Newmarket (603) 292-7711
  • In Raymond (603) 244-7333

If you get a voice message, it means the staff member is checking in another patient. Leave your message, and the staff member will call you back. Consider this a virtual version of waiting in line for the next available staff member.

During the check-in, a staff member will conduct your screening, mark that you have arrived for your appointment, and collect your co-pay over the phone. Once you are checked-in, we will have you wait in your car until it is time for your appointment. The Medical Assistant will call you on your cell phone when they are ready to bring you to the exam room. The Medical Assistant will meet you at the door at that time.

If you do not have access to a cell phone, please come to the front door and ring the doorbell.

Quest Lab and Exeter Hospital services

Patients arriving for a visit with Exeter Hospital or requiring a lab draw from Quest Lab will ring the doorbell at the main entrance. They are labeled. Staff from Exeter Hospital or Quest will meet the patient at the door and conduct the screening at that time.

Medication and Paperwork Pick Ups

If you need to pick up a prescription, medication, or paperwork, call the main office number and select option three. Let the Patient Service Representative know you are at the health center to pick up an item. They will ask for your name and date of birth. They will meet you at the door with the item you are picking up and will check your id at that time.

Visiting the Nashua Center

There are no changes to the check-in process at this time for patients visiting the Nashua center. Patients arriving at the Nashua Center will be met at the door by a screener, and they will direct patients to the appropriate check-in area.

While Visiting Our Facilities

We Require Masks

We wear masks for your safety. For the safety of everyone, we ask you to wear a mask too while visiting our facilities. If you are unable to wear a mask or have difficulty communicating while wearing a mask, please let a staff member know before your appointment. We will work with you to accommodate your needs while maintaining our infection control standards.

Additional People at Appointments

Only patients can attend appointments. For pediatric patients or patients that require assistance, we ask you to limit to one parent/guardian or helper.