Five Reasons You Want to Work at a Health Center

Nashua staff pose for group photo

You have set your sights on a career in healthcare and your timing couldn’t be better. The industry needs you. Rising demand for health care services means that you have tremendous opportunities. One of the best-kept secrets in health care are community health centers and it may just be the perfect match for you.  Check out the top five reasons why a healthcare career at a community health center might just be the perfect fit.



Make a Difference

Community Health Centers provide quality health care to underserved populations regardless of ability to pay. As a member of the health center team, you will be part of reducing health disparities within your community. Community Health Centers are an integral part of reducing barriers to health care. Our employees do not wear capes but they should because they are heroes in the battle of providing quality health care to everyone.


Daily Variety

Community Health Center employees serve diverse and unique groups of patients. Working with complex patient populations means every day is exciting and challenging. You will not experience the same day twice at a Community Health Center. You will be in a position to continually learn and improve your clinical skills while contributing innovative ideas to improve your patient’s outcomes.


Passionate People

Community Health Centers are all about relationships. We believe in building strong relationships between patients and with our employees. Strong relationships make for better patient care while also providing our employees with a meaningful and enjoyable work environment. Community Health Center staff interact with a range of professionals within the organization and throughout the community, all dedicated to patient care, professional growth and a fun environment.


Work-Life Balance

Yeah, we know this phrase is getting old, but it is a reality at Community Health Centers. Health Centers have a long history of respecting staff’s family obligations and providing flexible work schedules. Health centers have greater scheduling flexibility than a traditional hospital setting and most do not operate third shifts Additionally, Community Health Center focus on community and relationships, extends to human resource policies.


Career Growth

If you were to ask a Community Health Center employee how long they have been at their agency, you might be surprised how many answer in the double-digits. You will also find many of those employees started in positions entirely different to what they do today. Community Health Centers recognize talent and hard work, and reward from within. Health Centers know it’s better for everyone to invest in their employees through both ongoing education and mentoring programs.

If you are interested in career opportunities at NH’s oldest Community Health Center, give us a call at (603) 292-7777 or check out our current job opportunities.