Lamprey Health Care’s Meghan Healey Completes the 61st Mount Washington Road Race

Meaghan Healey Mt Washington Race 2022The Race website describes the Mount Washington Road Race like this:


This historic all-uphill run draws thousands of runners from around the globe to make the grueling climb to the summit of the highest peak in the Northeast.

7.6 miles
4,650 vertical feet
22% max grade

The first timed run up Mt. Washington occurred in 1904 by George Foster, a medical student who completed the climb in 1:42 – faster than any automobile had ever made the trip. It was held a few times in the 1930s as a way to honor George. In 1961, the 100th anniversary of the Mt. Washington Carriage Road, the race was held again and with a few exceptions, has been held annually ever since. – source: 

It’s all uphill, and summits at the top of a mountain with the harshest climate in the world. Who would want to complete such a race? As it turns out, there’s a lot of people who all enter for a chance to be part of this mountain’s history. Registration is very competitive, and this event is on the bucket list of a lot of endurance runners, including Lamprey Health Care’s own Meghan Healey. Meg completed the 61st Race on June 18, 2022. We sat down to ask her a few questions.


When did you complete the Mount Washington Road Race?

The race was June 18th. It’s been going on since 1904, and this is only the second year ever they’ve had to change the course due to weather. We had 100 mph winds, ice, snow, hail and rain depending on elevation. The mountain was entirely closed to traffic because it was too dangerous for cars or the Cog Railway so we had to run down after we ran up.

How many races have you completed?

Hard to say how many races I’ve completed, probably hundreds. As far as big races: 5 marathons, about a dozen half marathons, and now two of the eight biggest up mountain races in the country.

How did you get into running?

I started running when I was 18. I just decided to run one day and realized I was quick so continued to work on it.

What made you want to do this specific race?

This has been a bucket list item for me; it took me 9 years to get in because it’s very hard to get into. I just wanted to cross it off my list.

What did you love about it?

I love that I can say I ran up Mount Washington when cars get stickers for driving it.

What did you hate about it?

Everything else about it was pretty miserable! We had bad weather, 4K ft of elevation, a slippery road, and winds that were blowing us close to edge of the cliff. It was the worst conditions I’ve ever experienced, but I had to do it.

How did you train for this race?

I trained by running up smaller mountains and using a vertical climber.

How did you feel after you completed the race?

I felt great after I completed the race. I did what I came to do.

What is your next goal?

My next goal is probably run the rut in Big Sky Montana. That’s the only thing I can think of that’s bigger than this race.