Staff Spotlight On Pool Wiz, Katelyn Souphakhot

Pool Wiz, Katelyn Souphakhot

We have some cool people here at Lamprey Health Care. Today’s staff spotlight is on one such person, Katelyn Souhakhot, Administrative Coordinator and pool wiz. When we say pool, we mean billiards, not swimming. Katelyn is a member of an eight-member team that will be heading to Las Vegas next week to compete in the American Poolplayer Association World Championship. Before heading out west for a shot at the title, we sat with her to learn more.


Tell me a little about how you got involved in playing pool.

I only started playing about four years ago. My husband was playing with a team, the Grindahz (said with a Boston accent). I spent a lot of time going to his competitions to watch his team. At some point, I just figured that if I’m here, I should try it. As it turns out, I was good enough to join the team.


I understand this is not your team’s first run at the World Pool Championship.

That’s right. It was 2015. I had only been playing for a year and I was pregnant at the time, which is why I remember so clearly. Las Vegas is hot enough in the summer time, even without being pregnant! It’s a crazy event. The pool hall had hundreds of tables and there are thousands of players.


How many games will you play at the tournament?

It depends, but the short answer is, a lot. There are five games in one match and its double elimination.

The tournament is set up with a bracket system and you earn points for each match you win. The team with the most points at the end of the match wins. Each player is ranked on his or her skill level, ranging from two to seven. Two would be a novice and seven would be the best players. Handicaps are in plate to make the game fair. For example, if a two (a novice player) has to play a seven (highly skilled player), the two would only have to win two rounds as the seven would have to win seven rounds to win the overall match. To ensures teams cannot stack all the best players, you’re only allowed to play 23 points between your players skill level as well, so a team couldn’t play all seven’s. The grand prize is $25,000 so strategy is a big part of the game.


So, you must play a lot of pool.

Yeah, you could say that. Leading up to the league championships we were playing all weekend for six, seven, eight hours at a time.


You must really enjoy it! What makes it so fun?

Well, I am a competitive person so that appeals to me. But the best thing is my team. They are a great group of people and a lot of fun. Some of them have been playing for over 15 years. They have welcomed me on the team and have been incredibly supportive. They are definitely the best part.


Good luck in Vegas!