Two minutes with the Nurse Practitioner Fellowship

What is a Nurse Practitioner Fellowship?

A Nurse Practitioner Fellowship is very similar to a physician residency program. When physicians graduate from medical school, they enter into a residency, where they practice under the supervision of a senior clinician. This “real world” training is considered an essential component of physician training and is often a requirement of obtaining a medical license. Nurse Practitioner fellowships or residencies provide recent NP graduates with similar training as they build their practice.

The goal of Lamprey Health Care’s Fellowship Program is to build confident, compete, family nurse practitioners who will contribute to workforce needs in an integrated team-based primary care setting. We offer a curriculum that aligns with our mission to provide high-quality primary care, with an emphasis on prevention and lifestyle management, to all individuals, regardless of their ability to pay.

We sat down with Family Nurse Practitioner and one of our previous fellows, Jill Worden, MSN, FNP-BC, and asked her to share her experiences with the program. Ms. Worden completed her fellowship program in August 2019 and is now a full-time Nurse Practitioner at our Raymond location.


Why were you interested in a program such as the Nurse Practitioner Fellowship Program?

 I chose a Nurse Practitioner fellowship because most of my experience was in pediatrics. I became a Family Nurse Practitioner, but I recognized that while I had the education to care for patients across their entire lifespan, I did not have nearly as much experience as I felt I needed.

There are many details to managing chronic diseases that come with time. I thought that a fellowship would give me a better foundation for building this experience.


What elements of the program were helpful as you began your career as a Nurse Practitioner?

Do I have to pick just one? I appreciated having precepted clinics when I first started. It gave me more confidence and helped me to develop my practice. The didactics, which are weekly education sessions, helped me refresh on many of the topics that I learned in school, but do not necessarily use regularly.


What types of experiences does the program offer, which you would not have had otherwise?

 Specialty clinics were invaluable. They helped me build relationships with specialists in the area. I have trust when I refer a patient to a specialist that I know they are in good hands. If I encounter a borderline EKG, I know I have contacts that will take a quick peek at it and help me assess acuity.

Also, the precepted clinics ensure that you can practice feeling safer and more confident. You always have someone to turn to for advice if you need or want it


What value did those experiences give you?

 A better foundation for my practice. More confidence. Good rapport with my colleagues so that I know I can ask for assistance when I need it, and relationships with colleagues in specialty care.


If you or someone you know is interested in applying to our Nurse Practitioner Fellowship Program, visit our NP Fellowship page for more information. Applications are due March 6th at 4:00 PM.