Three Convenient Locations

I’ve been going to Lamprey Health Care for over 15 years the doctors are all wonderful and caring, and in this unnatural time we all need the compassion and understanding, so thank you to all the wonderful nurses and doctors at Lamprey Health Care.
I have been a patient at LHC for several years. The staff is terrific. The follow-up is awesome. I have always felt well cared for. I love the fact that they have a blood work lab on-premises in the Nashua office. So convenient. I’ve heard them speaking multiple languages to other patients, so if English is your second language they may be the ideal healthcare provider for you. Their COVID check-in process keeps patients apart and the facility is very clean, so I have no concerns with that.
In these anxious times, it is wonderful to have the people at Lamprey Health Care on my side. They are great, keep me feeling safe and comfortable. They take time to listen! I love this staff; from the first call to sign in, to seeing my Provider, to the check-out, they are so kind.

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