Women's Health

Lamprey Health Care offers comprehensive women's health services, in the comfort of your primary care office.
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Gynecological Care

Board Certified physicians, nurse practitioners, and physician assistants provide sensitive, respectful, high-quality care to women of all ages. We provide routine exams and minor gynecological procedures on-site in all three of our centers. Board Certified OB-GYNs assist women with complex gynecological problems and are available for consultation with other members of your health care team.

Prenatal Care and Childbirth

Prenatal Care

We offer comprehensive women’s health care using a specialized team approach that provides care throughout pregnancy and delivery. Along with your Family physician, your prenatal medical team includes:

  • an OB-GYN or Prenatal Provider
  • a Prenatal Nurse to help coordinate your care
  • a Certified Prenatal and Lactation RN
  • a care coordinator to assist with resources and support services.

We will help you through any medical issues, assist with financial concerns, provide nutritional counseling and parenting education, and offer the emotional or social support you may need during your pregnancy. Your Prenatal Coordinator will be your trusted and caring companion during your pregnancy.



We participate in the Text4Baby program, a free service designed to provide our prenatal patients and new moms with information for a healthy baby through text messages. For more information, please visit Text4Baby. You can sign up for Text4baby in English by texting BABY to 511411. To sign up for Text4baby in Spanish text BEBE to 511411.

Childbirth – Newmarket and Raymond Patients

If you are a patient of the Newmarket or Raymond Centers, you have the option of delivering your baby at the Exeter Hospital Family Center, where our physicians are members of the Exeter Hospital medical staff. Each private birthing room offers a Jacuzzi tub for hydrotherapy and other amenities to assist the new mom as well as the birthing coach.

Childbirth – Nashua Center Patients

If you are a patient of the Nashua Center, you have the option of delivering your baby at the Southern New Hampshire Medical Center Birth Place. Each birthing room at the Medical Center’s Birth Place offers a private, home-like environment. To schedule a tour, please call (603) 577-2560 at least 30 minutes in advance.

Baby Steps, An Early Childhood Development Program

We offer early childhood development screenings at well-child visits through the Baby Steps Program. The goal of the Baby Steps Program is to identify potential childhood development and behavioral issues and provide families with the resources needed to allow children to realize their potential.

Development screening tools are available for children, birth through entry into school.

Assessment includes the areas of:

  • development
  • infant mental health behavior
  • parent/child relationships
  • educational readiness
  • early literacy
Children identified with development challenges receive targeted follow up by our team of medical providers. Additionally, we can provide information and referrals to community-based resources and interventions that will meet the child and family’s needs.

Interpretation Services

Bilingual Staff

The majority of our Nashua Center staff speaks more than one language, with nearly half of our staff being fluent in Spanish or Portuguese. Staff is available through all aspects of your visit to help you communicate with your health care team and make you feel comfortable about your medical care.

Interpretation Services

To help with languages other than Spanish and Portuguese, we offer free onsite language interpretation by a professional interpreter. To ensure that your language needs are met, please let us know when you make your appointment that you require language services. This way, we can be sure someone is available to interpret at the time of your visit. If we don’t have access to an interpreter who speaks your language, we can utilize a Language Line interpretation service to assist with your visit.


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