March 01, 2024

Staff Spotlight: Jennifer Branson

Family Nurse Practitioner Fellow

Pronouns: she/her/hers

Meet Jennifer Branson, a compassionate and skilled Family Nurse Practitioner Fellow at Lamprey Health Care's Raymond Center. Jennifer's dedication shines as she brings personalized care to our community, highlighting the value of our Nurse Practitioner Fellowship Program in fostering the next generation of healthcare providers. 

LHC: Tell us a little about yourself. Where did you grow up? How did you get here?

Jennifer: I was a military child and then married into the military, so I came to New Hampshire via 8 states (several more than once!) and 4 countries. This is our first experience living in New England and we have really enjoyed it.

LHC: What do you like most about working at Lamprey Health Care?

Jennifer: I haven’t been at Lamprey long, but I feel that it is a very supportive environment and I am excited to be part of an organization that is making such a positive impact in New Hampshire.


LHC: Did you always want to work in healthcare? What would you do if you weren't doing this?

Jennifer: When I was little, I wanted to be a nurse, a ballerina, and a truck driver. Of the three, nursing is what kept my interest! If I wasn’t a nurse practitioner, I think I would like to be a children’s librarian or an event planner.


LHC: What are some of your favorite things to do outside of work?

Jennifer: I love to knit, read, hike, garden, and do yoga!


LHC: What advice would you give to others to be healthy?

Jennifer: Be a part of the self-love club! Speak kindly to yourself, appreciate all the things your amazing body can do, and be intentional about participating in activities that make your soul shine.