August 05, 2022

Staff Interview: Rossy Lopez


It's About Family and Heritage

Lamprey Health Care's Rossy Lopez Shares Why Her Recent Trip to the Dominican Republic Was So Important

One of our favorite questions at Lamprey Health Care is, “Where will good health take you?” For over a year, employees have taken their LHC Logo water bottle with them on trips, hikes, walks, boating, yoga class, snowmobiling, fishing, and even the US Tennis Open. A quick search on our Facebook/Instagram account using the hashtag #WhereWillGoodHealthTakeYou will show you a plethora of activities and locations. We share these because we know when you take care of yourself, and you take preventative steps to stay healthy, you are more able to enjoy being active and enjoying the things you love.

When our Nashua Center Practice Manager Rossy Lopez shared her photos, we had a feeling behind the gorgeous photos of turquoise water and white beaches of the Dominican Republic was a story that needed to be told. You see, Rossy wasn’t just on vacation; she was visiting a place very dear to her and it was an important time to reconnect with her heritage and family.


LHC: Where did you go on your vacation and how long did you go for?
Rossy: I went to the Dominican Republic for 2 weeks this past June.

LHC: How often do you visit the DR?
Rossy: We try to go every year. We’ve been 4 times in the past 6 years. We try to go with all the family, all the brothers and sisters, everyone!

LHC: What was your favorite and least favorite part of the trip?
Rossy: The favorite part was spending time with my family! The least favorite part was not having enough time to do everything we wanted.

LHC: What was the favorite place you went?
Rossy: Our favorite place was a visit to Playa Dorado, a beach resort in Puerto Plata. We also went to El Morro in Monte Christi and La Montaña Redonda (the round mountain) in Miches.

LHC: You said you like to visit the Dominican Republic with your siblings. How many are there and where do they live?
Rossy: We have a lot and we’re scattered, so opportunities like this allow everyone to come together. My husband has 5 siblings from Long Island, Pennsylvania, Florida, the Bronx, and Santiago, Dominican Republic. I have two siblings and they both live here in Nashua.

LHC: How did you stay active on the trip?
Rossy: Walking. Lots and lots of walking!

LHC: Where did you grow up?
Rossy: I grew up in Little Italy in Manhattan (SoHo) from the time I was 2 months old until I was 13 years old. We returned to live in Dominican Republic where I went to high school. Then I lived in New York for 5 years in Sunset Park after getting married.

LHC: How is this trip important to your heritage?
Rossy: It’s important because both my husband and I were born on the island.   It’s where I met my husband in high school and where we got married. As much as I’m a New Yorker and love living in New Hampshire, my home is in the Dominican Republic. During each trip, the whole family spends quality time together and we revisit some of our favorite places as well as discovering new ones.