September 05, 2023

Lamprey Health Care Appoints Susan Durkin As Co-CEO

Gregory White and Susan Durkin to Share CEO Duties of NH’s Oldest Community Health Center


NEWMARKET, NH – The Lamprey Health Care Board of Directors voted to adopt a Co-CEO structure for their leadership team.  Susan Durkin has been appointed Co-CEO of Lamprey Health Care, sharing the leadership responsibility for Lamprey Health Care with Gregory White.

Susan joined Lamprey Health Care in 2018 as Chief of Clinical Services. She is a Registered Nurse with 25 years of experience in nursing and administration. Focusing primarily on community health, she has extensive experience leading teams in program development, operations, quality, and risk management. She has a particular interest in developing services for vulnerable populations.

Sue has a Master of Science degree in Organizational leadership from the University of Colorado at Boulder, a Bachelor of Arts degree in Sociology from College of the Holy Cross, and an Associate of Science degree in Nursing from Rivier University.

“I am excited about this opportunity,” said Susan Durkin. “While working at Lamprey Health Care, I have seen incredible resiliency, innovation, and most of all, teamwork. Together we have added to both the depth and scope of our services, and connected to our communities in new ways by providing care inside a shelter, in community mental health centers, and at mobile locations throughout our regions. We have added specialized programs within primary care that meet the needs of our patients. I see this as just the beginning. I look forward to hearing from our communities about their needs and working with our team to assure that our services not only meet those needs, but are delivered in a way that fosters diversity, equity, and inclusion for all. Our employees are our most valuable asset and I look forward to supporting them in carrying out our mission.”

“The appointment of Sue Durkin as Co-CEO will maintain Lamprey Health Care’s position as one of the finest Community Health Centers in the country. Our Board is very excited about this new chapter. Lamprey Health Care was founded in 1971 and is one of the first community health centers in the country. We are a leader in the field, and as Lamprey has done in the past, we seek new ways to improve the quality of care to better serve our patients, employees, and our community,” said Frank Goodspeed, Chair of the Lamprey Health Care Board of Directors.

While each Co-CEO will share many responsibilities, it also allows each each to focus on their respective areas of expertise. Gregory White who has served as Chief Executive Officer since 2013 commented on the new leadership approach. “While this may be unconventional, it is becoming more common. It allows us to optimize our ability to achieve more, to deliver a higher-level of care for our patients, support for our staff and to set ourselves apart from those around us. I truly feel invigorated by this opportunity to have clinical representation,  and perspective melded and balanced with finance into a partnered leadership of the organization, .”

Lamprey Health Care was founded in 1971, and is a federally qualified health center with centers in Newmarket, Raymond, and Nashua, NH. Lamprey Health Care is a private, nonprofit organization recognized as exempt from Federal income tax under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

Lamprey Health Care’s mission is to provide high quality primary medical care and health related services, with an emphasis on prevention and lifestyle management, to all individuals regardless of ability to pay.