New Patient Forms

Information on how to complete your New Patient Forms Request.


Lamprey Health Care is excited to provide excellent medical care for you. We partner with Simple Interact (see below for FAQs), a completely secure and comprehensive forms service. Here is what to expect before your visit:

  • Before your first visit, you will receive a New Patient Forms Request after booking your New Patient appointment. Please complete these forms as soon as possible.* We can start prepping your chart ahead of time to make your visit as smooth as possible.
  • If you are a returning patient, you will receive a Digital Check In Request the day before your appointment. Please complete this as soon as possible.* We can start prepping your chart ahead of time to make your visit as smooth as possible.
Newmarket Medical Building

What items will you need to bring with you?

  1. Driver's License or Photo ID
  2. Insurance Card

We look forward to seeing you!

* If you have not received the forms, make sure that you have an appointment booked. Please call one of our locations today. Please help us make your experience as efficient as possible!


Simple Interact is a mobile-friendly front office automation platform that provides patients with easy access to forms, delivered directly to your device. You can complete your forms anytime and anywhere at your convenience.

Q: Why am I getting an email/text to complete forms?

A: Through Simple Interact, we have automated what information we need from you and when, so that you never have to complete unnecessary forms. We only ask for what we need when we need it. 

Q: I do not like giving my personal information digitally. How can I be sure that it is secure?

A: Simple Interact is 100% compliant with HIPAA law and regulations. You can be sure that every page, every answer is seen only by your provider and the necessary medical support staff.

Q: I am not a new patient, so why am I getting a request to complete forms?

A: The request you received from Simple Interact is a Digital Check In, which retrieves your previously recorded information for review. By completing this ahead of your appointment, you are greatly reducing your check in process for your appointment tomorrow. Give your future self a break!

Q: Do I have to download an app or manage yet another portal username and password?

A: For the Simple Interact forms, the link is securely delivered to your device. You only need to go through a simple authentication process and you will have access to your forms. 

Q: English is not my preferred language, Do you have translations of the forms?

A: Excepting the legal forms, all forms have a language setting in the supper left corner to make the language more convenient for you. 



No Insurance?
No Problem.

You will never be turned away because you don’t have insurance.

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