Teen Clinic

female teen with face covering in front of a brick wall

Open Wednesdays, 2:30 – 5:00 pm at the Nashua Center


Lamprey’s Nashua Center offers a drop-in Teen Clinic every Wednesday for teens aged 14 to 19. The goal of the Teen Clinic is to prevent disease; provide confidential, reliable health information; and encourage teens to continue taking care of their health.



No Appointments Needed!


Teen Clinic Services

Teens can walk in on Wednesday afternoons to our friendly Teen to Teen Clinic for reproductive health education and care. Teens age 14-19 can get:

  • reproductive health exams
  • testing and counseling
  • reproductive health information

Education & Outreach

The Teen Clinic also offers outreach and education to both young people and adults. Some of the topics covered include:

  • abstinence
  • adolescent sexual development
  • child development
  • pregnancy prevention
  • contraception
  • preventing STDs/HIV
  • gender
  • relationships
  • positive communication
  • drug prevention
  • substance abuse and its effects on parenting
  • parenting skills
  • how to talk to your child/parent about sexuality

Family Planning

We provide family planning services as needed to individuals of childbearing age. Services include:

  • family planning counseling
  • reproductive health exams
  • pregnancy testing
  • provision of emergency contraception
  • STD/HIV screening and treatment

In addition to these services, we offer individual and community health education, as well as several birth control options to fit your needs best.